Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

*spoilers below!* This book was amazing! It had everything: werewolves, magic, forbidden love, and a lesson on learning how to follow your heart. Calla had to be my favorite character. She's torn between her feelings for the boy she rescued, but also the alpa she is supposed to mate with and, together, they will rule over their pack. The book's tension and mysteries built to a shocking point, leaving on a massive cliffhanger! The book also had a really well-developed love triangle; through almost half the book, the reader still isn't sure whether Calla will choose Shay or Ren. The book also was filled with all sorts of other supernatural creatures besides werewolves (technically, they're not werewolves, but shape-shifting Guardian wolves), like incubi and succubi, a chimera, wraiths, witches and warlocks, and even a giant brown recluse spider. I can't wait to read Wolfsbane, the second book in this pulse-pounding new series. This is one of those books to buy a finished copy of, since it's THAT good! I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a forbidden love story, a well-developed love triangle, or a healthy dose of kick-butt werewolf action!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Venom Cover Reveal!!!!

Isn't it gorgeous??? I love the font, and the book just sounds totally kick-butt! Can't wait for it to be released!