Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dark Tides 1: Siren's Call by Devyn Quinn

Mermaids have always had a special place in my heart. Ever since I was three years old, I have been fascinated with them. With that being said, it's difficult to come across mermaid-themed books, especially one that has an interesting mythology and a great story. Siren's Call, the debut entry to the new Dark Tides series, amazed me.

Tessa Lonike is a mermaid living in solitude on the family home on Little Mer Island. When she pulls Kenneth Randall out of the water and prevents him from drowning himself, she never expected to see him again. Ten months later, he returns to Port Rock, Maine, searching for the faceless siren who spared his life. I thought the chemistry between Tessa and Kenneth was perfect, how they seemed to reflect each other: Tessa, the outsider always looking in, and Kenneth, who is trying to get his life back on track after heart-shattering tragedy. At first, Tessa's sharp-tongued, cranky attitude could be offputting, and the way Kenneth appeared to be absolutely perfect got a bit irritating, how he seemed not to have any flaws whatsoever, but the two grow and develop as characters as the story progresses until you can't get enough of them.

Another strong dynamic to the story other than the romance was the mythology. This book had a complex and well-developed history of the Mer. Mermaids have their own religion, biology, and even their own language in the novel. They also have a knack for wielding powerful magic, which is seen often in the book. I loved the world, but most of the Mer are evil and easily disliked. I did like the Mer rebels who were featured near the end of the book, but due to certain events, I doubt they will be featured in the other novels, though it would have been nice to see each of them get their own story. Nevertheless, it was still an intricately formed world, and I can't wait to see more of it in subsequent volumes.

The other part of this story that I loved was the sisters. I loved the way they interacted and how each sister was different and took a different approach to being a mermaid living amongst humans.

Next is Book 2: Siren's Surrender, which is about Gwen Lonike, the middle sister. I managed to find an early copy of it at the bookstore, and I'm going to dive in as soon as possible!

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